Across the globe, needs and cultures vary so much that it is naïve to believe that one particular educational system or solution can solve mankind’s problems. Every individual has the potential to expand their mind and environment to benefit both themselves and their surroundings. The key lies in knowing how to empower each person to be at very best potential.

GMAC was formed in the belief that education is a unique need of every individual and what works for one person may not work for the other. The GMAC Foundation strives to find balance between what society demands and what a human being needs.

Our Projects

Digital Citizenship Jr

The proliferation of new technologies has exposed our children to limitless access to the world. Today’s kids use digital media to socialize, connect with friends, research, play games and express themselves.

Designed for middle school students, the Digital Citizenship Jr program is an online workshop that imparts students with digital literacy and provides tools to help them use the internet safely. The curriculum is designed to enable students to take responsibility for their content and actions when using digital media.

Much of the interaction in this digital world happens at a distance, which can diminish the rules of cause and effect, action and consequence. Additionally, much of digital life takes place under the cloak of anonymity, making it easier to participate in unethical and even illegal behavior.

This dynamic new world requires new comprehension and communication skills, as well as new codes of conduct, to ensure that these powerful media and technologies are used responsibly and ethically. The Digital Citizenship Jr Program was designed to give children a passport to navigate these new worlds with safety.

That's My World

How do we impart the knowledge of environmental conservation to children whose world is limited to their homes, school and neighborhoods?

That’s My Word is designed to bring the larger world into a local perspective, teaching children about civic pride and ecology by using examples and projects within the child’s own world.

Through exciting parallels, students learn how every individual’s contribution – good or bad – can have a global impact.

Be Part of it


Would you like to help us take our projects to those in need? Help us by contributing your time, and skills. Help us forge connections between corporates and groups in need. Lend us your ideas to raise money or sponsor our project for your old school or neighborhood.



We look to corporate organizations to help us make a difference in the lives of those around them. You can help by sponsoring our projects to a particular school or neighborhood. You could also be part of educational drives we conduct from time to time. Let us know of your social initiatives and let’s explore how we could work together.